Zoning Classification Search

The Department of Building and Zoning allows you to review the current zoning classification of parcels located in unincorporated Cook County (only). In order to learn a property's zoning classification, you must enter first ten (10) digits of the the property's permanent real estate index number (PIN).

Please note that the zoning classifications reflect the zoning as established by the 1976 Zoning Maps. The site is updated to reflect zoning changes, annexations and de-annexations. However, please be advised that the site may not reflect these changes immediately. Revisions to the site will be made upon Building and Zoning's receipt of the documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact the department at 312–603–0537
If the property is located in the City of Chicago, please call 312–744–3508

Property Index Number:    –XXXX

Cook County Assessor's website to search for your Property Index Number
Cook County Code of Ordinances online